5 Ways To Handle A Messy Carpet Pet Urine

If you have pets at home then you can have messy things too. The pets can spill things on the carpet and sometimes they may even urinate. This can be disgusting and too smelly. You would feel that the situation has become too messy. So, all you need to do is find out the potent ways with which you can handle the messy situation. You will have to deal with pet urine stain removal from the carpet. Here are the five ways that you can get ahead.

carpet pet urine
carpet pet urine
  1. If the urination is fresh then blot the urine first and then treat the same

If you just came across the pet urinating then you have to first blot the affected area. Make sure that the urination does not go deep down to the padding. This is because, if it does there then the carpet can be in the worst situation. So, you will have to blot it and then use liquid detergent to clean the area well. Use the dish liquid and clean the area immediately. If you feel that there’s too much smell then you can also add baking soda so that the smell goes away.

  1. Call a professional immediately to clean the carpet

There’s one quick thing that you can do to clean the carpet. You have to call a professional carpet cleaning company. They have a good hand at cleaning the carpets. If the carpet is too messy and bad then you will have to take their help for pet urine stain removal from the carpet. They will come quickly and will clean up the mess against a charge. You can ask them all about the prices and so and then get ahead with the best option.

  1. If urine stains have remained, then use hydrogen peroxide to remove

If you come across some pet urination stains even after you have cleared most of the mess then you need to handle the same with hydrogen peroxide. This is supposed to be an effective chemical that can help in removing pet urine stains. But once you have treated the area and the stains have gone, you need to vacuum clean the same and make the area dry.

  1. Special store solutions

You should keep some special carpet stain removal chemicals handy. These are available in good general stores. You can buy and keep them. When you come across pet urination on the carpet, you should put in warm water and blot the area. Later, you can use the store solvents or chemicals and these will help in removing the mess.

  1. Getting rid of the urine with dry cloth

If you think that your carpet is not worth keeping after the pets have made it messy with the pet urine then instead of pet urine stain removal from the carpet you can consider getting rid of the same. Use dry cloth to clean the pet urine.


With the above five carpet cleaning ways you can get an idea about how messy carpet can be handled. If there are pet stains and urination then you need to work over the same to make it fine.

People think that their carpets should be amazing and in good condition. This will be possible if you keep them stain-free. But the stains are a common part of everyday life because there would be spills as well. Here’s a note about the 5 most common carpet stains and what you should do for stain removal.  If you feel that the stains will invite the carpet cleaning experts then you are not entirely right. You can take relevant action for the common stains. Just read on and get an idea.

Common Carpet Stains

1. Get rid of coffee stains

Drinking coffee may be an everyday affair for someone and there are chances that coffee might spill on the carpets. If you wish to get rid of coffee stains that have just taken place then you must blot the carpet first. This will assure that the liquid doesn’t get too deep. Then you must take a mixture of vinegar and liquid detergent and apply it to the stain. Take a sponge and blot this stain again. You can repeat this process twice and you will see that the stain will fade away too soon.

2. Get rid of nail polish stains

Commonly, you were applying nail polish on your nails and by chance a bit spilled on the carpet. Hydrogen peroxide is going to be the savior in this case. Make sure that you first pour some water over it and blot the same. Do not rub that area with the cloth. This is because rubbing will spread the stain. You should rather blot twice or thrice. Now, you can put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol on the nail polish stain. Now, use a cotton swab and start blotting again. You will see that there will be better results for sure.

3. Remove the pet stains

If you have pets at home then having pet stains like poop, urine or some food stains is quite common. You must be thinking about how to get rid of these stains? Well, stain removal will not be an issue if you had taken quick action. When the stain is fresh, you can use a nail polish remover and vinegar mix on the stain. You will see that this will prove to be effective for sure.

4. Wine stains, how to remove them

Having parties in your home would be a common thing and so if there has been a wine spilling event on the carpets then you would feel how bad this accident was? Well, you can use some simple methods like using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide mix on the wine stains. It will surely give a good effect while you are doing regular carpet cleaning.


There are many things in life that you come across. If you happen to have stains on the carpets then you must take quick action to fight off the same. Plan the right carpet cleaning session and see how the stains will go away if you apply the right method. Reach us via calling on 0864 909 791 or by filling the form below.

How often do you clean your carpets? You don’t remember or you clean your carpets when you get time. However, cleaning carpets regularly is crucial. Regular cleaning of carpets will make them look good in appearance. Moreover, your home will look amazing and positive with clean carpets. Additionally, clean carpets will also improve the health of your family. As well as make your carpets bacteria-free and your home environment healthy. So, cleaning your carpet regularly will eventually make a difference in your health and living. Are you wishing to know more about the advantages of cleaning carpets regularly? In this article, we will be discussing 5 Advantages Of Carrying Out Regular Carpet Cleaning.

5 Benefits of Cleaning Your Carpet Regularly 

Below is a list of 5 advantages of regular carpet cleaning.

  • Prevents mould from carpets: Dirty carpets are the main factor or element for growing moulds. However, moisture is another main element for creating moulds. Moreover, moisture can come to your house from anywhere. Some common places moisture can enter are doors and windows. Nevertheless, moisture enters from the above places and gets sunk into your carpets. So, if your carpet is not vacuumed or cleaned up at regular intervals. Then it will damage the carpet fabric, and create moulds in them. Therefore keep your house carpets clean every time. So to prevent germs and mould from the carpet, regular cleaning is necessary.
  • Remove Trapped Pollutants: Unclean carpets collect several substances like dust, dirt and air pollutants. And the collection of the outside air pollutants can affect your carpet’s fabric. Moreover, dust and dirt will also be harmful to the health of your children. Regular vacuuming and cleaning of carpets will be productive in eliminating air pollutants. In addition, removing air pollutants from carpets will also improve health. Therefore, to avoid some serious illnesses, you should clean your carpets regularly.
  • Improves or better air quality: Several bacteria and microorganisms can affect or disturb your house’s air quality. And the bad air quality at home will automatically affect your health. However, cleaning your carpets will remove dust and dirt. Moreover, vacuuming of carpet will also remove unnecessary bacteria. Also, regular cleaning of carpets will make the house environment healthy and hygienic. Thus, always clean your carpets with a good and accurate vacuum cleaner. 
  • Remove pet smell: Pet hair on your carpet is very common if your house has a dog or cat. Moreover, removing pet hair from the carpet is more difficult than cleaning dust. And if it is left uncleaned or unaddressed then it can increase some health issues. Some health issues can arise like breathing problems, skin allergies etc. Hence, the above problems make it an important thing to vacuum your carpet regularly. Regular cleaning of carpets will remove the pet odour. Moreover, cleaning the carpet will also remove the pet urine stain. 
  • Increases the life of your carpet: Everyone wishes to have their house belongings safe, even new ones for years. Moreover, everyone also wants to save their money. Carpet is the most delicate thing and requires crucial time to clean. However, cleaning your carpet will remove or eliminate dust and bacteria. Moreover, cleaning your carpets regularly will increase the life of carpets. In other words, cleaning carpets regularly will make the carpet durable. Thereby also save your money to buy new carpets. 

Hence, the above are some benefits you can avail of from carrying out regular carpet cleaning. 


5 Advantages Of Carrying Out Regular Carpet Cleaning- is very crucial in every aspect. Thus, a clean carpet will also make your home appearance look attractive. Some important processes for deep cleaning the carpets are steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Moreover, vacuuming is the most important thing required for regular carpet cleaning. Regardless, cleaning carpets yourself is a very time-consuming job. Even required perfect knowledge while professional carpet cleaning. That’s why it’s better to employ professional carpet cleaners. Hiring professionals is better when you don’t know how to clean carpets. 

Specialists are aware of every type of carpet fabric cleaning. Moreover, experts use long-lasting solutions during carpet cleaning. Even they know which methods are suitable for the particular carpet fabric. For example, for delicate carpet fabric, professionals will use less toxic solutions. So, to prevent carpet fabric from further damage, always remember to hire trained and certified carpet cleaners. As licensed carpet cleaners, they have modern tools and experience for cleaning service. Therefore, don’t waste time thinking, just report or hire a professional for carpet cleaning. Professionals will surely make your carpet look good as it was before.