5 Ways To Handle A Messy Carpet Pet Urine

If you have pets at home then you can have messy things too. The pets can spill things on the carpet and sometimes they may even urinate. This can be disgusting and too smelly. You would feel that the situation has become too messy. So, all you need to do is find out the potent ways with which you can handle the messy situation. You will have to deal with pet urine stain removal from the carpet. Here are the five ways that you can get ahead.

carpet pet urine
carpet pet urine
  1. If the urination is fresh then blot the urine first and then treat the same

If you just came across the pet urinating then you have to first blot the affected area. Make sure that the urination does not go deep down to the padding. This is because, if it does there then the carpet can be in the worst situation. So, you will have to blot it and then use liquid detergent to clean the area well. Use the dish liquid and clean the area immediately. If you feel that there’s too much smell then you can also add baking soda so that the smell goes away.

  1. Call a professional immediately to clean the carpet

There’s one quick thing that you can do to clean the carpet. You have to call a professional carpet cleaning company. They have a good hand at cleaning the carpets. If the carpet is too messy and bad then you will have to take their help for pet urine stain removal from the carpet. They will come quickly and will clean up the mess against a charge. You can ask them all about the prices and so and then get ahead with the best option.

  1. If urine stains have remained, then use hydrogen peroxide to remove

If you come across some pet urination stains even after you have cleared most of the mess then you need to handle the same with hydrogen peroxide. This is supposed to be an effective chemical that can help in removing pet urine stains. But once you have treated the area and the stains have gone, you need to vacuum clean the same and make the area dry.

  1. Special store solutions

You should keep some special carpet stain removal chemicals handy. These are available in good general stores. You can buy and keep them. When you come across pet urination on the carpet, you should put in warm water and blot the area. Later, you can use the store solvents or chemicals and these will help in removing the mess.

  1. Getting rid of the urine with dry cloth

If you think that your carpet is not worth keeping after the pets have made it messy with the pet urine then instead of pet urine stain removal from the carpet you can consider getting rid of the same. Use dry cloth to clean the pet urine.


With the above five carpet cleaning ways you can get an idea about how messy carpet can be handled. If there are pet stains and urination then you need to work over the same to make it fine.